Clouds (RO) • Woe Unto Me (BLR) • Who Dies In Siberian Slush (RUS) • Halter (RUS)
Clouds (RO) • Woe Unto Me (BLR) • Who Dies In Siberian Slush (RUS) • Halter (RUS)

April, 2022

08apr19:00AbgesagtClouds (RO) • Woe Unto Me (BLR) • Who Dies In Siberian Slush (RUS) • Halter (RUS)19:00 Veranstalter: Bandhaus Leipzig


Atmospheric Doom/Death MetalFormed in 2013 by Daniel Neagoe (Eye Of Solitude, Shape Of Despair, Pantheist), the Clouds roster is quite simply a Doom supergroup, also comprising Jarno Salomaa (Shape of Despair), Kostas Panagiotou (Pantheist), Pim Blankenstein (Officium Triste) and Jón Aldará (Hamferð) and many more musicians. Their sound contains familiar elements of all the above-mentioned bands, all blended into a very pure, atmospheric delivery of generally slow-paced and sad, beautiful music. They played a series of shows in very special locations such as Amuz (Antwerp’s own cathedral), festivals like Doom Over Kiev, Dutch Doom Days, Doom Over Bucharest, Metal Gates and many others. In 2020 the 4th album ”Durere” was released and the band will be touring in its support with the renewed tracklist.

Atmospheric Doom/Death MetalWoe Unto Me was founded in 2008 in Grodno (Belarus). Originally a melodic Funeral/Death Doom, by the second album, the band had branched out considerably to a more progressive and experimental approach that included (semi-) acoustic tracks, sax, cinematic samples and Prog Metal elements. The following musicians made guest appearances in it: D. Neagoe (Clouds, Eye Of Solitude, Shape Of Despair), J. Aldará (Hamferð, Clouds), T. Jensen (Saturnus). Woe Unto Me is the group of devoted musicians, who focus not only on recordings, but also on professional live performances with special video visualization which is synchronized with the audio, altogether leaving an unforgettable impression on viewers. With each year the band widens the audience actively touring and appearing at the festivals like Brutal Assault in Czech Republic, Hard Rock Laager in Estonia, Doom Over Kiev in Ukraine, Metal Crowd in Belarus as well as several other notable festivals in Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, etc. Woe Unto Me will be touring with the new material from the forthcoming 3rd album which is going to be released soon.

Funeral Doom/Death MetalFounded in April 2003, originally as a solo project, Who Dies In Siberian Slush (WDISS) became a full band in 2008, and can be considered the style founders of Russian Funeral Death Doom. The band describes their sound as „drawing inspiration for their creativity from Russian culture and making their music absolutely Russian in spirit. This is the deathly grief of funeral doom metal, sounding like a last long farewell, painted in agonizing colors by the sounds of a flute and a trombone“. Their Funeral-paced Death/Doom displays a very melodic and at times even gentle side, set off against cavernous growls that can make for an unsettling and compelling contrast to the complex and often delicate multi-instrument arrangements.

Doom/Death MetalSince the formation in 2009 Halter have two full-length albums released on MFL Records: Omnipresence of Rat Race in 2013 and For The Abandoned in 2015, and also self-released Post Factum EP‘ 2014. All of them received many positive reviews all-around the world including such magazines as Legacy (DE), Metallian (IT), Atmosfear (RU), etc. The third album “The Principles Of Human Being” will be released approximately in October 2020 on MFL Records again. Their classical old school doom/death metal with some funeral doom elements can be compared to the style of Evoken, early My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost.


Bandhaus Leipzig

Saarländer Str. 17, 04179 Leipzig


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